Our Story

The Miners Tavern was first established in 1926 in downtown Erie. At this time Erie was a coal mining town and there were over 40 bars and restaurants in town. The original building is the northern two thirds of the upper room which was expanded to include the rest of the upper room in the late 1930s. The lower room was built in 1942 as a doctor's office and became part of the tavern in the mid-1950s. The upper restrooms and kitchen were added in the early 1970s and the lower restrooms and west patio were added in 2005.

Miners Tavern & Taphouse in Erie CO | American Food, Live Music, Family Friendly


Ask us in a casual conversation why we moved to Colorado, and we will answer because of the weather. But the real answer is because we love the sense of community here.

Mark & I both grew up south of Seattle, in unincorporated Pierce County. The major road that served the area called Meridian was the spine (and bottleneck) of South Hill, Puyallup. As housing developments were built out in the 80s & 90s, large swaths of tall evergreen trees were cut down in order to develop land to host every big box store known. The infrastructure was slow to develop and still lacks efficiency today, so Meridian is a daily ‘stop and go’ nightmare. Some cars even sport bumper stickers that say “Pray for me. I drive Meridian!” While the big box stores created opportunity to buy locally, they did not provide a sense of community unique to South Hill. Instead it became a congested re-creation of Any Town, U.S.A.

In 1994, shortly after we married, Mark & I moved to Boulder for Mark to attend graduate school. We had never been to the area, and while it took a while for us to adjust to the red & brown shades of Colorado, we immediately took to the 300 days of sunshine. Soon after, we bought our first home in Old Town Lafayette and started raising our family. The ability to walk to local merchants and buy from the wide variety of mom & pop shops was a new and novel experience for us. In the end, this is what anchored us to this area – the unique sense of community we feel here in East Boulder and Weld County. Shop local was the thing here long before it was the national rallying cry.

Owners of Miners Tavery & Taphouse in Erie CO | Restaurant and Bar serving American food

We moved back to the Pacific Northwest when we were expecting our second child, out of a desire to be closer to family. But we couldn’t quite re-adjust to the 300 days of cloud cover. So in a matter of time, we made our way back to the place that has always been home to us, landing in Erie in 2010.  We love living in and contributing to such a strong and anchoring sense of community here in Old Town Erie! We know many of you also are transplants. The phrase, “We may not be native, but we got here as quick as we could” fits.  We strive to serve you with a hearty welcome and a place to call home.



P.S.: I will tell you on a clear day, there is no place more gorgeous on earth than the Puget Sound area of Washington. Mount Rainier lords over the skies, the Olympic Mountains can be seen in the distance, and water abounds in the form of bays, rivers, inlets, as well as green evergreen trees and an abundance of lush, green foliage. But lest you be fooled, the majority of days are cloudy, overcast, rainy or otherwise dreary. My suggestion: Visit in July or August. Ask me if you want tips on the best places to explore!